Conventional Oil Facilities


PROJECT: Carson Creek Oil Handling Facility Modifications
COMPANY: Pengrowth Energy Corp.
LOCATION: Carson Creek, AB

Acero was responsible for the design and regulatory support, procurement and construction of Carson Creek oil battery expansion by 15,000 BPD. Modification of the inlet separators, reconfiguration of the separator piping and controls, addition of a new process treater, new booster compressor, new oil pumps, new flow meter skid, new electrical building, and multiple upgrades of the existing facility.
PROJECT: Gilby Central Oil Battery (FEED & Detailed Engineering)
COMPANY: Confidential Client

Project featured the detailed engineering and design of a new central oil battery to handle 4,000 BPD of light oil, and 5 MMSCFD of gas.
PROJECT: Gilby Oil Battery Debottlenecking Pre-FEED
COMPANY: Confidential Client

Acero was responsible for determining the feasibility of developing a central multi-well processing oil battery for two production capacity options (25,000 BPD & 4,000 BPD) at a new Gilby pilot production facility versus debottleneck of an existing facility.
PROJECT: Alderson Oil Batteries
COMPANY: Crew Energy Inc.

Acero was responsible for the design and regulatory support, procurement and construction of several oil batteries and expansions in the Alderson Field.


PROJECT: Acordionero CPF Expansion
COMPANY: Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
LOCATION: Middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia

Since 2017, Acero has been responsible for several projects; Pre-FEED through detailed design, related to the expansion of an existing early production facility (EPF) into a central processing facility (CPF) in the Acordionero field in Colombia. The facility was expanded to handle larger volumes of produced liquids, from 3,500 BPD to 7,500 BPD.

CPF expansion phase 1 – from 3,500 BPD to 7,500 BPD (Pre-FEED through detailed design including procurement support)

CPF expansion phase 2 – 15,000 BPD (FEED, procurement & detailed design support)

CPF expansion phase 3 – 25,000 BPD (Debottlenecking study)
PROJECT: 40,000 BOPD Operation & Maintenance Support Facility
COMPANY: Confidential Client
LOCATION: Al-Basrah, Iraq

Acero was responsible for the front end conceptual engineering through to detailed design of a 40,000 BPD operation and maintenance support facility in the Zubair oilfield of southern Iraq. Scope of work also included procurement, and coordination of inspection and logistics of major equipment.
PROJECT: Bretana Development
COMPANY: Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
LOCATION: Loreto, Peru

Acero was responsible for providing technical direction to the EPC contractor for a 20,000 BPD EPF, completing PFDs and P&IDs for a 2,500 BPD EPF, project management consulting and reviewing all major deliverables.

Well production for 18.6 degree API oil produced naturally, then moved to jet pump artificial lift system sized for a capacity of 4,000 BPD of total fluids. Produced fluids driven by the jet pump were directed to a two phase separator in order to remove associated gas which was sent to a flare, while production water was designed to be stored in tanks. Production was either transported on barges or injected into a sump pit.
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