Gas Processing Facilities


PROJECT: Septimus Sour Gas Plant Phase 1 – 20 MMSCFD, & Expansion to 40 MMSCFD
COMPANY: Crew Energy Inc.
LOCATION: Fort St. John, BC

Acero was responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction management of a 20 MMSCFD sour gas inlet refrigeration and LPG extraction plant, and the follow-up expansion to handle 40 MMSCFD. Scope of work included up front scoping support, including assessment of best location for plant placement, FEED and detailed design. Detailed deliverables included (but were not limited to) costing and controls, planning (scheduling), 3D model and associated outputs, E&I drawings, I&C control schematics, costing, controls, planning (scheduling) and logistics.
PROJECT: Gas Plant Debottleneck and Expansion FEED and Detailed Engineering
COMPANY: Painted Pony Energy Ltd.
LOCATION: Fort St. John, BC

Acero’s scope of work included compressor installation to expand compression from 28 MMSCFD to 40 MMSCFD, flare system upgrade without taking the existing system offline, power generation expansion, coalescing filter installation, fuel gas measurement system, and regulatory support.
PROJECT: B-24-H Sour Gas Plant Debottleneck and Expansion FEED and Detailed Engineering
COMPANY: Confidential Client
LOCATION: Fort St. John, BC

Acero’s scope of work was to add an additional 40 MMSCFD train in parallel with an existing 20 MMSCFD raw gas facility. Facility improvements included slug catcher, relocation and use of an available separator as FKOD for acid gas going to incinerator, evaluation and upgrade of gas power/ generator units to accommodate winter consumption (mainly heat tracing); associated instrumentation and control upgrades and accommodations.
PROJECT: McMahon Gas Plant Amine Still Replacement
COMPANY: Confidential Client

Acero’s scope of work included the FEED, detailed engineering, and procurement for the replacement of an amine still column (“column #3”) with an in-kind replacement, but constructed of 316 L stainless steel materials instead of the carbon steel as was used for the original column.


PROJECT: Kurdamir Block Development
COMPANY: Confidential Client
LOCATION: Kurdistan, Iraq

Acero was responsible for a conceptual study for the development of the Kurdamir Block (Greenfield) in Kurdistan, Iraq. Scope of work included the conceptual study for 50,000 BOPD CPF and 300 MMSCFD gas plant c/w sulphur recovery, project scheduling and TIC estimate.
PROJECT: Badila Gas Injection
COMPANY: PCM, a Glencore Company
LOCATION: Chad, Africa

Acero was responsible for the FEED, detailed engineering and design, technical support for all procurement activities, and project controls for a gas injection facility capable of injecting 12 MMSCFD of gas at 1,500 psig.
PROJECT: La Belleza Gas Plant
COMPANY: PAREX Resources Ltd.
LOCATION: Colombia, South America

Acero was responsible for the FEED study for a gas plant capable of handling 40MMSCFD of gas (expandable to 80MMSCFD) and 9000 BOPD. Gas export is planned via either CNG at 3,600 psig or pipeline at 1,200 psig with possibility to reinject at 6,000 psig.
PROJECT: Amguri Interim Condensate Recovery
COMPANY: Canoro Resources Ltd.
LOCATION: Assam, India

Acero was responsible for the detailed engineering and design, procurement and logistics, and construction management of a brownfield, 20 MMSCFD gas inlet / 1,500 bpd condensate recovery project in remote, northeast India. With the reservoir in “retrograde condensation” (ie. liquids being permanently lost in the reservoir due to depressurisation causing an in-situ gas to liquid phase change), the project was fast-tracked and interim condensate removal was installed.
Acero Engineering is a leading provider of comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM/EPC) solutions. With expertise in designing and executing projects for gas processing facilities, compressor stations, and oil processing, our team ensures efficient pipeline operations and the management of change (MOC). We specialize in pipeline and piping integrity, pump and truck loading stations, LACTS, oil terminals, and regulatory compliance. From oil and produced water storage to acid gas injection and carbon storage, we deliver tailored solutions and adhere to the highest industry specifications.
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