Pipeline Projects

Over the past decade, Acero has been responsible for numerous pipeline projects of varying sizes (3” to 22” nominal), complexities (1km – 30km), and design pressures (1,000 kPag - 15,200 kPag). A few of these projects are highlighted below.


PROJECT: Pipeline Project
COMPANY: Polar Star Oil and Gas Inc.
LOCATION: Laprise Creek, BC

Acero’s scope of work included the engineering and design, procurement, and regulatory support for a 10”, 12 km main trunk line with 4” parallel common ditch fuel gas pipeline, as part of a new gathering system. Crossing considerations included 7 open-cut road allowances, 18 stream crossings (3 of which were bored), and 4 archaeological no-work zones, which were bored.
PROJECT: Gas Pipeline Replacements
COMPANY: Pengrowth Energy Corp.
LOCATION: Swan Hills, AB

Acero’s scope of work included the detailed design and procurement of multiple 4” to 12” LP & HP gas pipeline replacements (externally coated steel as well as free standing liner composite pipelines). Projects featured a new pipeline separator (96” OD x 20’ S/S), surface piping, instrumentation and controls, pig launching and receiving facilities, major road and water crossings.
PROJECT: Garrington Pipeline Installation
COMPANY: Pengrowth Energy Corp. 

Acero was responsible for the engineering, design, procurement, and construction support of a new
6”, 8 km pipeline to an existing facility in order to re-route field production to a third party. Scope of work also included analysis of stress caused by elevated operating temperatures and flow reversal of an existing pipeline; required to accommodate the re-routing of production.
PROJECT: Pipeline Network Modeling
COMPANY: Pengrowth Energy Corp. 
LOCATION: Irricana, AB

Project featured a Pipe-Flo model for the existing wells and pipelines in the Irricana area to evaluate the existing network, simulate options for the re-routing of production, and to bring low producing shut-in wells
back online. Network contained 20 wells, 42 pipeline segments, and 1 booster compressor.
PROJECT: Pipeline Projects
LOCATION: Dawson Creek, BC

Scope of work consisted of the evaluation and technical recommendations for various pieces of process equipment, single and multi- well tie-ins for sweet and sour oil emulsion wells, installing free standing composite liners through existing pipelines to restore production, as well as a 4 km acid gas pipeline and tie-in.
PROJECT: 3” & 4” FRP HP Produced Water Injection Pipeline
COMPANY: ACCEL Energy Canada LTD/ Pengrowth Energy CORP. 
LOCATION: Judy Creek, AB

Acero was responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction support for multiple 3” & 4” FRP high pressure (14,900 kPag) pipelines, and multiple 6” to 12”, high pressure (15,200 kPag ) water injection steel, thermoplastic-lined pipelines. Projects featured new underground anchors, new stainless steel risers, as well as design considerations for road, water and underground service crossings.
PROJECT: Dual 12" Pipelines
COMPANY: Painted Pony 
LOCATION: Montney Field, BC

Responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction management, regulatory, and project management for dual NPS 12” pipelines. Project featured 13 crossing considerations including the HDD of 1 major river.


PROJECT: Doseo Pipeline Project
COMPANY: Glencore
LOCATION: Chad, Africa

Scope of work consisted of hydraulic simulations to analyze options for pumping and heating stations, variations in MAOP, throughput capacities and pipeline sizes; based on crude oil assay and temperature. Scope also included cost estimating to support alternative configurations and options of a 520 km 16” pipeline, development of temperature gradient monitoring and feasibility assessment using on-shore pipe laying barge equipment.
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