Produced Water Handling Facilities


PROJECT: Water Injection Facility & Pipeline
COMPANY: Pengrowth Energy Corp.
LOCATION: Judy Creek, AB

Acero was responsible for the detailed engineering, design, procurement, regulatory support and construction management of a water injection facility and pipeline in Judy Creek, Alberta. The project featured the installation of two salt water injection pipelines, facility piping, including pipeline tie-ins (as well as design considerations for future tie-ins), horizontal filter selection, pump design, line pipe design and selection.
PROJECT: Water Disposal Facility
COMPANY: Confidential Client
LOCATION: Peace River, AB

Acero was responsible for the detailed engineering, design, procurement and construction management of the expansion of an existing oil battery to incorporate water handling and disposal capability at the site. The project featured new (fiberspar) pipelines to gather water from other batteries, and to deliver produced water to nearby disposal wells. Facility work included the design and installation of three 2000 bbl water tanks, and various water transfer/skim oil/disposal pumps.
PROJECT: Parkland Water Injection
COMPANY: Confidential Client
LOCATION: Fort St. John, BC

Acero was responsible for the detailed design and procurement for a water disposal facility at the Parkland Gas Plant, capable of handling 300 m3/d, with the ability to expand to 600 m3/d in the future. A new injection pump skid, condensate tank and pipeline will be installed as part of the project.
COMPANY: Pengrowth Energy Corp.

Acero was responsible for the engineering review, design and procurement to increase the water
handling capacity of an existing battery by adding an additional inclined free water knockout unit
(“SKUD”), two 75 HP booster pumps with VFDs, and one 1,250 HP HPS horizontal centrifugal water
injection pump (3,500 m3/d) with VFD.


PROJECT: Acordionero Water Injection Facility
COMPANY: Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
LOCATION: San Martin, Colombia

Acero was responsible for providing a conceptual design for the expansion of the Acordionero central processing facility (CPF) to include produced water treatment and injection equipment. The new water handling facility was designed for a throughput capacity of 40,000 BWPD complete with necessary high pressure pipeline to inject through six (6) nearby injection wells each with two zones.
PROJECT: Badila CPF Water Injection Project
COMPANY: PCM, a Glencore Company
LOCATION: Chad, Africa

Acero was responsible for the Pre-FEED and FEED for a water treatment and injection facility over two phases (35,000 BWPD & 65,000 BWPD) by installing CPI, skimming tanks, booster pumps, filters and high pressure injection pumps, complete with a high pressure water injection network. Scope of work also included an 9 MW gas-to-power generation facility, required to service the facility’s increased power demand.
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