MOC (Management of Change) 

Acero has developed and grown from wellsite tie-in and MOC (Management of Change) project roots. These types of tight-budget quick turnaround projects have been the life blood of the company for the past seventeen (17) years. 

To this day, MOC work makes up anywhere from 25% to 50% of the corporate workload at any given time.

Typical MOC-related work that Acero is currently involved with includes:

Pump or compressor replacements
Piping modifications
Tank investigation and/or repair
Pipeline replacements or repairs
Process simulations and reports
Regulatory submissions and/or investigation
Low load power generation (eg. TEG, Solar, Holly gen, etc.)
Plot plan, P&ID or similar edits
Hot taps or stopples
Facility revamps
Flare systems
Gas blanketing
Vessel optimizations
Debottleneck studies
ESD and PSV compliance checks / reports
Facilities “Asbuilts”
Specification checks (eg. Acceptable material or test substitutions, etc.)
Acero Engineering is a leading provider of comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM/EPC) solutions. With expertise in designing and executing projects for gas processing facilities, compressor stations, and oil processing, our team ensures efficient pipeline operations and the management of change (MOC). We specialize in pipeline and piping integrity, pump and truck loading stations, LACTS, oil terminals, and regulatory compliance. From oil and produced water storage to acid gas injection and carbon storage, we deliver tailored solutions and adhere to the highest industry specifications.
More Acero Projects
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