Plan for Methane Compliance with Acero Engineering

Posted by: EnergyNow Media January 20, 2020

Recently, the only thing changing faster than the climate appears to be the rules and regulations pertaining to the same. While Canada has always been at the forefront of prudent environmental and regulatory stewardship, even so, there is always room for improvement. Methane Reduction requirements are now in effect Jan 2020. The requirements focus on improved measurement, monitoring, and reporting of methane emissions. Acero is in the know and up to speed on these new regulations for each province. In most of its projects, Acero has also been responsible for all or some of the environmental and regulatory consideration, whether in the design aspect, or in the application process itself. As such, Acero is well aware of the ever-changing requirements pertaining to the processes and as well, the details regarding design considerations and associated regulatory submissions.

Greenhouse Gas – Measurement changes

Measurement and reporting regulations come into effect January 1, 2020 with Fuel Gas, Flare and Vent gas changes. Acero’s team of experts can perform fugitive emission surveys on batteries, satellites or compressor stations to meet reporting requirements in BC, AB or Sask. Alternatively Acero can submit on behalf of clients, engineering estimates to be appended with client’s annual methane emissions reports.

Our team will also retrofit any facility to reduce methane waste with the following equipment upgrades:

• Vapour Recovery Units (VRU)
• Pneumatic injection pumps to solar or grid
• Air/fuel ratio controls
• Vent gas capture
• Pneumatic to electric (grid, solar, fuel cell) retrofit
• Pneumatic (fuel gas) to instrument air conversion
• Compressor seal retrofits
• Glycol dehydration system revamps: reduce circulation rates and energy exchange pumps to electric, etc.

For more information on Acero’s regulatory capabilities and involvement contact us at
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